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August 14, 2008
Spare Car Key a ‘Must’ for College Students

As sure as college students can depend on higher tuition bills each year, North Dakota''s locksmiths can depend on an increase in their workload as students return to area campuses.

Each year, locksmiths contracted by AAA North Dakota respond to hundreds of vehicle lockout calls at North Dakota’s college campuses and at venues frequented by students. Many of the calls could be prevented if a spare key is available; however, in many cases, the spare key is with the student’s parents in another city or state.

Not having an extra key available in case of a lockout is inconvenient, expensive and sometimes dangerous, according to AAA. Because commercial rates for lockout service can run $45 or more, auto club suggests student drivers get into the practice of:

  • Having their keys in hand when they exit the vehicle or close the trunk.
  • Keeping a spare key in their wallet, purse, backpack, or computer case.
  • Never placing their keys on the front seat, in the glove compartment, in the trunk or anywhere else in the vehicle.
  • Placing their keys in a pant pocket instead of a shirt or jacket.
  • Never leaving their vehicle running and unattended, even during short periods of time.
  • Giving an extra set of keys to a trusted friend who is traveling with them.
  • Taking the key out of the ignition prior to filling the gas tank.

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